Why Should You Choose Dax Moy Personal Training In London and Potters Bar?

Dax Moy Personal Training Studio's boast the most qualified and experienced personal trainers and sports therapists in the UK.

Based within our own purpose designed personal training studio in Islington, North London and Potters-Bar, Herts, we offer our clients the very best that personal training has to offer all under one roof!

From weight management to injury rehabilitation and even sports conditioning, our team have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help you achieve, and keep on achieving!

Dax Moy, The UK's Leading Personal Trainer

Dax has been at the forefront of UK Personal Training for over 8 years and holds certifications from some of the most prestigious personal training, sports medicine and therapy academies around the world.

One of only a handful of elite NASM Performance Enhancement Specialists in Europe, Dax has also studied and worked extensively in the fields of movement dysfunction, biochemistry, nutrition and neuromuscular therapy to create what is arguably some of the most complete health promotion systems available today Including The F.I.T System TM, THE POWER PRINCIPLES TM, Integrated Movement Training TM and Integrated Manual Therapy available exclusivelly through his London and Potters Bar Personal Training Studios.

Voted one of the UK's top fitness experts Dax has become known as 'the trainer of trainers' through his academy at www.fitsystemtraining.com, where, to date, hundreds of personal trainers, sports therapists, physios and osteopaths have been introduced to Dax's ground-breaking techniques.

Dax writes for several national and international publications on the subject of integrated health, optimum nutrition and sports performance. In his role as Handbag.com fitness expert, Dax reaches over 8 million readers per month with his unique perspectives on health and fitness. Other publications include Health and Fitness magazine, Bella, Glamour, Eve, FITPRO, Fitness Network, Australian Fitness Network and Sportspecific.com.

Dax's multi-disciplinary approach has attracted clients from all walks of life and all backgrounds including elite level athletes, martial artists, Hollywood actors, Pop Idols and medical professionals. In addition, Dax is a much sought after television expert appearing in programmes such BBC 1's 'Diet Trials', ITV's 'This Morning' and Channel 4's 'You Are What you Eat' series .

The owner and principle consultant of one of London's only dedicated Personal Training Studios, Dax still works one-to-one with his own clients whilst managing and training a team of 10 trainers and therapists.

If You would like to book Dax for a training course or seminar, or if you are a member of the press with a query the please contact Dax's Press officer, Amber Steventon at amber@azariapr.co.uk

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"Dax Moy and the team of personal trainers he is in his London Personal Training Studios are undoubtedly the best investment for your time and money if you want to achieve those fitness goals that you have only been dreaming about up to now."

Dr Mark Edwards BSc MBBS MRCP

DaxMoy : Personal Trainer in London