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F.I.T 4 2

The Total Ante and Post Natal Fitness Programme From Dax Moy

Wouldn't it be great if...

During your pregnancy you were able to maintain your fitness, your health and (most of) your figure without piling on uneccessary pounds and losing your motivation to peel yourself off of the sofa?

During your labour you were fit enough, strong enough and flexible enough to be able to deliver your baby without exhausting yourself and missing out on all 'the goods bits'?

After your pregnancy you were able to regain your shape, lose your thighs and bum and tone up your waistline quickly and without straining yourself or creating problems for the future?

Be Good Wouldn't it?

Sadly, for most pregnant women and new mums, these 'what ifs' are so far removed from reality that most are left believing that they're not even possibilities at all and that they will be doomed to chronic fatigue and sickness throughout their pregnancy and weak, soft and (in their eyes) unattractive bodies for many years after they give birth.

But They're Wrong, So Very Wrong!

You see, that these beliefs have become accepted as true is just a sign that most women are frustrated with how their body's respond to pregnancy. They see all of their friends go through the same things and hear them complaining about all the same problems that to them, well, it must be true!

This is where F.I.T 4-2 comes in;

Dax's revolutionary new exercise and nutrition system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of new or expectant mums who're serious about the health of themselves and their babies.

Delivered in either small class or 1 to 1 format, F.I.T 4-2 delivers very safe, yet extremely effective training to strengthen, stretch and tone you in all the right places whilst taking into account the very unique differences that come about from being pregnant.

Our Six Week Courses Literally Grow With You!

As your body goes through the changes associated with pregnancy, our consultants will adapt and change the classes to ensure that you continue to see great results and at the same time ensure the safety of you and your baby.

Then, once you've had baby, and your six-week check up is out of the way, we'll guide you on the right way to get your figure back, telling you what to eat (and what not to, especially if you're breast-feeding), how to train your core muscles correctly to get your waistline back and how to make the most of natural sleep cycles so that baby's night-time wake-ups don't take such a heavy toll on you.

All in all, we'll teach, guide and support you step by step, yard by yard, inch by inch to achieving and maintaining a body that not only looks and feels great, but that protects and supports both you and your baby throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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