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So many people come to us asking 'what am I doing so wrong that I still can't get the results I want from my diet and exercise programme?' Good question! Most people aren't even aware of why they're not getting the results they work so hard for and end up giving up on their goals altogether. Take this short questionairre and find out if you're one of those destined to reach your health and fitness goals or if you need to re-think your strategy.

I have clear and definite goals in place that has specific times frames set for their achievement
I have a system of reminders that help me keep the goals uppermost in my mind at all times
I have a strong belief that these goals are achievable. They're not just an extended 'wish list'
I have a definite reward in mind for when I achieve my primary goal
I know the importance of good posture in maintaining optimal health and ensure that mine is worked upon daily through stretches, exercises and movements that keep me in alignment
I have a clear and easy to follow core conditioning programme that ensures my spine and low back are well protected with enough strength in reserve for unexpected exertion
I am free from pain or soreness of any kind and know how to get rid of any that arises before it becomes a problem
I drink plenty of fresh clean water every day (AT LEAST a litre for every 50lbs that I weigh)
I know the difference that the right type of water in the right quantity can make for my body
I can easily identify thirst and do not confuse it with hunger nor ignore it by using tea, coffee or soft drinks as a fluid relacement strategy
I avoid processed foods AT LEAST 80% of the time
I eat fresh, organic meats and vegetables at least 80% of the time
I avoid microwaves or prepackaged foods
I exercise DAILY regardless of the type of day I have had
I use exercises that encourage the use of as many muscles as possible at once
I avoid exercise machines most of the time opting instead for bodyweight or free weights exercises
I keep my cardio training under control by not engaging in exercise that exceeds 20 minutes and understand why this is important
I get to sleep most nights by 10.30 in order to bring about the greates possible regeneration for my body
I keep electrical items, especially telephones, AT LEAST 3 ft away from my bed as I sleep
I awaken 80% of the time feeling energetic, refreshed and raring to go
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