Drop AT LEAST Clothing Size In Just 21 Days Or We'll Refund DOUBLE Your Personal Training Fees!

London Personal TrainerIt's easy for personal trainers to promise great results for their clients but another thing entirely for those results to actually come to reality.

That's why this year Dax has decided to put the cat amongst the pidgeons by promising specific results in a specific timescale...or you'll get double your money back!

In fact, Dax has taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first personal trainer IN THE WORLD to promise that ANYONE who commences one of our programmes at either our Islington, London or Potters Bart, Herts Personal Training Studios with a view to losing body fat will lose a MINIMUM of a clothing size within just 21 days of commencing our programme or he'll not only give you back every single penny you've spent with us but DOUBLE IT!

No if's, No but's, you WILL achieve this, and if our previous clients are anything to go by, you'll achieve a lot more (Like Pop Idol Michelle McManus who lost nearly 140lbs whilst personal training with Dax last year).

If Our Personal Training Doesn't Deliver The Goods, You Simply Won't Pay... In Fact, We'll Pay You!

And Dax has no intention of going broke from making inflated promises that he and his personal trainers can't keep.

He want's you to be successful, he wants you to achieve your goals, and yes, he wants to be able to keep the money he's been paid for personal training you (who wouldn't?)

But..... He doesn't want you to pay for something you're not getting and he doesn't want you to feel like you're taking a risk in any way.

So He's Taking All The Risk For You... In fact, this is truly a better-than-risk-free deal. If you don't achieve your goal in the 21 Days we've promised, not only will you get your personal training fees back, but you'll be getting it back with 100% interest.

We challenge you to call ANY personal trainer in London, the UK or even the WORLD for that matter and we promise you, you won't find a single person who would even entertain the idea of this guarantee.

That's Why Dax Moy Is The Leading Personal Trainer And Fitness Expert In The UK!

His reputation is based upon ALWAYS delivering the results his clients expect and ALWAYS going the extra mile to make sure they do.

Guaranteed Personal Training Results With Absolutely No Risk To You!

With less than no risk and an absolute, legally binding guarantee in place, you should already have your hand on the telephone trying to get an appointment with one of Dax's amazing team of personal trainers.

If you're not, then maybe you're just not as serious about this as you thought you were. Maybe you don't fancy the thought of the time, effort and energy it's going to take (just because we guarantee it, it doesn't mean it'll be easy) or maybe its something else. But hey, 21 days are going to pass anyway and its up to you how you spend it.

We just don't want you to end up kicking yourself when 6, 12, 18 weeks from now you say "I should've given that a go!"

Contact Our London Personal Training Studio Now!

Go to our free consultation page and fill in the application form and we'll get you into the studio right away for an informal chat about how we can develop a top notch, result-producing, personal training plan for you at either our London or Herts personal training studios.

The barriers to accomplishing your fat loss goals have all been ripped away and all you have to do is start.

But Will You?

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