F.I.T System

Article by Amber Steventon
YMCA Diploma in Health and Fitness management


The new Fitness Training Theory for the 21st Century that will change the way you exercise forever. We live in an age where everyone is in a hurry. It's like an unsaid rule that the last man to the imaginary finish line loses. This is the prime time to stop, just for a moment and reflect. For example, right now, look at how you're sitting. The chances are you are, like everyone else, hunched over your desk or the keyboard of your computer. Dax Moy is the much sought after Corrective and Performance Specialist and Master Personal Trainer who will tell you that, rather like the inside of a comfy pair of shoes, your muscles mold themselves to your lifestyle.

We all know the benefits if a good posture; that it can instantly make you look inches taller and pounds lighter. But have you ever tried to hold a good posture for more than ten minutes? Dax Moy has pioneered a new system that holds the key to the secret of fitness training in the twenty first century.

Dax Moy is the creator of the Functionally Integrated Training (F.I.T) System. His years of training and lecturing on all aspects of Corrective Performance Exercise has lead him to combine anatomy, physiology and biomechanical research to create a system which brings fitness training in to the 21st Century. The main principle behind his work lies in building from the inside out, striving to improve the function of muscles so they perform better for the individual's everyday life - whatever that might be.

Dax says; "Many people spend hours running on machines and lifting weights, and when in most cases what they're actually doing is contributing to loss of function.

I have yet to meet a person whose body does not need some sort of correction. Everything about our lives today is wearing down our muscles and our posture. We need to concentrate on corrective exercises which help us in day to day life by improving balance, co-ordination, strength, power and reaction."

What is F.I.T System?
Functionally Integrated Training (F.I.T) is a powerful wellness enhancement tool unique in this country. Unlike typical 'one size fits all' exercise programs, it focuses on individual exercise and lifestyle requirements. The key components of the integrated system are:

  • Recovery
  • Posture
  • Stability
  • Functional strength
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration

Dax also says that many people are obsessed with aerobic activity, feeling they have not had a proper workout if they haven't cycled, run or stepped their way in to a sweat. Whilst it is the important to keep the heart and lungs working efficiently, the primary concern needs to be with the muscles we use everyday, making them leaner, longer, stronger, suppler and more capable to deal with the stresses and strains of 'real life'.

F.I.T is not a quick fix solution. The average time span of a participant is approximately two years, but the potential impact of F.I.T can be seen immediately - so much so that on first meeting, Dax believes you won't leave his without wanting to be a client.

Such is his success over the last year that Dax now a long waiting list of and is currently training a team of dedicated Fitness Instructors to pass on the knowledge.

Amber Steventon

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