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What is the F.I.T System All About?

Dax Moy Personal Training Studios are very proud to say that the philosophy of the F.I.T system is one that is unique in this country.

Developed by Dax over several years of intensive research and training, F.I.T offers the most comprehensive system of personal conditioning and lifestyle management available today.

Unlike the traditional route of performance-based training offered by our competitors, we focus on the cause rather than the effect.

Hydration, detoxification, nutritional remodelling and postural correction all take precedence over performance.

This creates a strong foundational structure from which health, fitness and aesthetics can rapidly be built upon.

By placing our primary emphasis upon your health rather than your fitness (the two are not the same) we are able to create a 'rebound' effect whereby fitness and aethetic improvements occur more rapidly than would be possible otherwise.

Think About It!

Are all the 'fit' people you know healthy? Some may be, but usually they carry injuries, postural distortion and, despite their efforts, too much fat.

Being able to run 10 miles doesn't make you healthy. It just means that you have conditioned yourself to run that distance!

On the other hand, those that follow a healthy lifestyle are nearly always fitter. Their bodies simply exude fitness and display an ease of effort that very few of the 'fitness fanatics' ever attain!

F.I.T simply follows the needs of the various systems of the body just as a mechanic would with a car:

COOLANT: Adequate hydration assists thermo-regulation, reduces friction and aids the other systems in growth and repair.

FUEL: Optimum nutrition creates optimum performance. By reducing known toxins and replacing them with healthy, nutritious food sources applicable to the individual by metabolic type, optimum performance is a far more attainable goal.

ALIGNMENT: Imagine driving a car with the chassis bent or the wheels out of line. Don't you think that the handling performance would be difficult or even dangerous? Of course it would! And I bet you would get it repaired immediately wouldn't you?

Yet I'll bet that your personal alignment doesn't get much more than a passing thought!

Your posture is the chassis of your body. When it is out of alignment, you are broken. It's that simple!

That's why the majority of us have aches, pains, chronic stress, recurring injury and 'saggy' muscles!

Re-alignment is the primary need for almost all of us, yet in our hurry to get results, we jump straight into regular exercise. This is like taking our broken car and entering it into the grand prix!

It sounds ludicrous put this way doesn't it? But it happens every day.

F.I.T System aims to bring a little common sense back to the health and fitness arena. Quite simply the system gives your body what it needs and makes you look and feel great too!

What is Functional Exercise?

Functional exercises are those that have a high carryover or transfer into 'real life' activities. For example; improving a postal workers ability to carry a load whilst walking without undue fatigue or creating the common postural related lower back pain suffered by many who work under those conditions.

Similarly, functional programming could mean analysing specific movement patterns required to improve at sports related tasks.

Quite simply, the functional aspect of our programs will improve you as an 'athlete' whether you play tennis, golf or soccer or lay bricks, work at a computer or carry pre-school children around all day.

What is Integrated Training?

Integrated Training is a recognition of the body's need to co-ordinate segmental movement in order to create smooth, efficient and functional movement patterns.

'Traditional' programming methods lay their emphasis on isolation e.g. abdominal crunches & leg extensions, with little regard for how these muscles work functionally with other muscle groups to create movement. The result is muscular imbalance, postural instability, faulty movement patterning, and pre-disposition to injury.

Integrated training addresses these problems and produces superior training effect for functional improvement, weight/fat loss as well as muscular, cardiovascular and flexibility improvement.

How is F.I.T System Training Different?

How does F.I.T System Training differ from the techniques employed by other fitness and corrective exercise professionals?

From the outset, F.I.T System Training focuses on the specific needs of the individual. These needs are assessed through a full and thorough analysis of the many different components of fitness, including:

  • Posture
  • Core function & stability
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardiovascular power/endurance
  • Bio-motor ability
  • Kinetic chain function assessment
  • Body composition analysis

The needs analysis also includes medical and lifestyle history and an in-depth goal setting stage.

What Happens After The Analysis Phase?

After the information necessary for programme development is complete, the client will be started in the phase of the F.I.T System most suitable for their needs:

  • Kinetic Rebalancing
  • Isolated Stabilisation Training
  • Integrated Stabilisation Training
  • Dynamic Movement Training
  • Foundation Strength Training
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Dynamic Power Training
  • Peak Performance Training

Typically most clients would start in the kinetic rebalancing phase. This phase lays the foundation for all improvements and goals that are specific to the clients needs.

The phase is sub-divided into several intervals including:

  • Corrective exercise
  • Core stabilisation training
  • Corrective Flexibility
  • Muscular balancing

Unlike other fitness paradigms that 'just do it', F.I.T System training bases its success' on the proven science of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology, ensuring that each and every program is a tailor made and truly personalised approach to the specific needs of every individual client.

Who is F.I.T System Suitable For?

The very personalised nature of F.I.T means that everyone form those with postural faults (most of us!) and those recovering from injury or pregnancy to those seeking to reach the pinnacle of their sport are going to benefit from their programs.

Who Delivers F.I.T System Sessions?

The F.I.T Practitioners who provide the personal training to clients are arguably among the most knowledgeable and experienced fitness professionals this country has to offer.

In order to apply to certify as F.I.T Practitioners candidates require a minimum of two years industry experience and a minimum of diploma level education in health and fitness. They must possess a strong desire to provide personal training services par excellence and have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Practitioner training is delivered over a 6-month period where Dax Moy, the creator of F.I.T System, delivers anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, functional analysis and advanced programming methods.

Upon completion of the course students undertake a stringent series of practical, written and oral assessments. If successful, students graduate as F.I.T Practitioners on a 6-month probationary period where practical skills are honed and perfected with 'real-life' clients.

This is without a doubt the most stringent selection process used within the fitness industry at this time.

Don't just take our word for it! Compare this process with other companies and individuals offering personal training and you'll understand why F.I.T system can't be beaten

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