How Much Does It Cost To Work With A Personal Trainer At Dax moy Personal Training Studios In London?

Personal Training Fees at Our London StudiosAs one of the UK's top personal trainers and fitness experts Dax protects his reputation by ensuring that only the cream of the industry are allowed to operate as part of his elite personal training and therapy team in islington, London.

All of our personal trainers and coaches are required to be trained in exercise, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, sports and remedial massage and motivational techniques prior to their application to joining the team as interns.

Those selected will then recieve further training as elite Kinetic Chain Specialists, Lifecoaches, metabolic typing advisors and a host of other advanced skills.

Depending upon qualifications, knowledge and experience our experts will charge the following fees:

We charge No Joining Fees, No Membership Fees and No Hidden Charges For Our Personal Training Services!

Personal Training and Coaching With Dax Moy: 150 per hour

As the UK's foremost personal trainer and health specialist Dax has a wide and varied client list ranging from A-list celebrities to UK standard athletes and everyone in between.

For those seeking to attain the highest level of self improvement whether physically, nutritionally or psychologically, Dax offers the the most complete service of it's type as well as the only GUARANTEED results programmes in Europe.

Thorough assessments of lifestyle, goals, motivation, nutrition, sleep cycles and biomechanics are the hallmark of Dax's 'no stone unturned' approach. Believing that 'if you are not assessing you're guessing' Dax utilises the most extensive assessment protocols in the country to offer his clients the very best service possible.

Dax has a waiting list and an extremely strict selection process for those wishing to work with him. For more information visit the 'About Dax' page

Personal Training With a Dax Moy Master Coach: 80 per hour

The elite of health and fitness specialists the Master Coach designation is the highest in the land. Conversant in the very latest in psychology, nutrition, assessment and exercise prescription, these professionals can deliver Integrated Health Interventions of the highest order.

Personal Training With A Level 3 Coach: 70 per hour

Level 3 coaches are masters in functional assessment having completed the UK's only course in this discipline. Able to fully analyse your posture, performance and neuromuscular integrity, these professionals deliver the very best in 'personal' training.

Personal Training With A Level 2 Coach: 60 per hour

After completing our intensive 6 month training program our coaches are fully conversant with our systems and able to better implement the more personal side of our systems. This is reflected in an increase in personal training fees.

Personal Training With A Level 1 Coach: 50 per hour

These coaches, whilst very well qualified by other certification bodies, have not yet been fully inducted into the POWER PRINCIPLES tm or FIT SYSTEM tm through the Dax Moy Academy.

They and their clients are overseen by our more qualified team members and Dax himself until such time as they are fully conversant with our systems (Usually 6 months).