Dax Wants To Help 10,000 People Lose AT LEAST A Clothing Size Before January 1st... For FREE!

Want To Be One Of Them?

If you had the best exercise, nutrition and motivation advice available delivered every single day right into your own inbox, do you think you'd be able to actually achieve your goal of dropping a clothing size and getting into fantastic shape for the summer?

You'd probably love to answer 'Yes' right now but if you're like the majority of people, that little voice inside your head is probably saying one of two things right now.

1. It can't be done.
2. It'll cost me too much.

Well, if that's what you were thinking, you'd be wrong on both counts!

You see, Dax has been running his 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge for a while now and has been totally amazed at the success stories that are coming in from his challenge participants ONLY 7 WEEKS INTO THE PROGRAM.

On average, they've lost around 4-5 inches from their waists and between 10 and 14lbs in weight (though a couple of participants have lost over 11 inches from their waists with over 22lbs of weight loss).

He's been so amazed, in fact, that he's decided to share th first 9 days of the program with 10,000 people so that they can begin the summer 'silly-season' a clothing size smaller, fitter, stronger and firmer than they begin it.

In order to accomplish this incredible goal, Dax has uploaded a whole series of dietary information, recipes, training programs and cutting-edge motivational strategies that he'll be delivering to your inbox every single day for a full 9 days (In the 90 day challenge program, all of the 184 participants dropped a clothing size in that time on this EXACT program) along with a trunkload of mp3 audio recordings, interviews, Pdf gym handouts and even videos of the routines so that you can see exactly how they should be done.

It's this no-stone-unturned approach that makes Dax 100% confident that he'll be able to help 10,000 people lose AT LEAST a clothing size over the 9 day period.

And Not Only Will You Lose That Size, But You Won't Pay A Penny For It!

Now, if that's just set your 'what's-this-guy-want-from-me?' meter off then relax. You're not being 'suckered' into something nasty, you're not being asked to pay anything, leave a deposit or do anything unpleasant.

This is a genuine, 100% no-strings-attached opportunity for you to gain access to the expertise of the UK's most expensive results-coach.

At 120 an hour and voted one of the UK's top fitness experts, Dax's ability to deliver results fast have seen him featured in just about every magazine and newspaper in the UK (as well as The New York Times and Washington Post) and numerous TV and radio shows (Including Ch4's 'You Are What You Eat', BBC1's 'Diet Trials' and ITV's 'This Morning' where his techniques have been viewed by millions.

(In fact, you're probably well aware of 'Pop Idol' winner Michelle McManus' amazing transformation whilst following Dax's exercise and nutritional guidance)

'So, what does Dax Want?'

Well, it's pretty simple really.

Dax's new book 'Look Great Naked' will be released on January 1st and he wants to draw a ton of attention to it when it comes out.

Now, he could simply do what everyone else does and advertise and promote heavily but, well, that's not really his style. He'd much rather have an army of walking, talking billboards to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt that he can actually do what he says he can.

So you see, Dax is absolutely 100% committed to seeing all 10,000 of his participants succeed in their 9 day challenges because his book will flop if 10,000 people report back that it doesn't work!

But that won't happen.

You see, Dax sees this as a true win-win situation.

His participants will win because they'll lose a clothing size without having to pay a penny and he'll win because he'll have 10,000 people to prove that what his teaching will actually deliver the results he promises.

So, the only question is 'do YOU want to be one of the 10,000?'

Do you want to take a test-drive of a totally FREE program that will absolutely guarantee you an amazing result in just 9 days?

Do you want a highly effective diet, recipes and mp3 audio explanation of how to get the best out of it delivered to your in-box within minutes of signing up?

Do you want a fully integrated exercise program that can be completed in 15 minutes or less with a 15-page Pdf handout and downloadable windows media video to make sure that you don't get it wrong?

Do you want a ton of downloads, videos and audios designed to help you not only set, but actually achieve your goals long after the 9 day test drive is over?

If you answered 'Yes' to the above questions then all you have to do is follow the link below and you'll get ALL of it.

These techniques are seriously effective (after all, they're exactly the same ones that people pay Dax 120 an hour for) and the materials that Dax is giving away have cost a lot in time, effort and money to produce but they won't be available forever.

Come January 1st Dax will be taking down the test-drive and then the only way you'll be able to get your hands on the programs will be to train with Dax and his team personally or buy the book.

So take action today and sign up. Remember, it's FREE and it's the best guarantee you'll get this year that you'll be walking onto the beach in great shape this summer!

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