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Kinetic Chain Assessment

Have you ever had an exercise programme that made you feel just awful?

You know, you ached all of the time, your joints were stiff and sore and you felt less energetic as a result?

Chances are, you were using an off the shelf or 'one size fits all' exercise programme that failed to take into account your own unique body shape, joint structure and neurological function. The result was overload and breakdown of of the very structures you were trying to improve. Definitely not what most people are seeking when they embark upon a new exercise programme!

Here at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios our philosophy is very different.

If we promise 'personal training' then that's what you'll get - a personal service that's designed just for you, with YOUR body in mind.

We achieve this by utilising what represents the cutting edge in physical assessment, The Kinetic Chain Assessment or KCA.

Unlike other 'fitness' assessments offered by health clubs and personal trainers the KCA puts it's focus on how your body operates on a functional level including muscle firing patterns, postural and movement analysis, deep core function tests, neurological assessments and functional profiling.The result is a truly unique picture of your body from how your muscles, joints and neurological system work together to create the body you wear.

Information from the KCA will be used to implement the the first stages of your programme - Corrective Exercise - where we address postural distortions, muscle strength and flexibility imbalances and core stability deficits.

You will not find this level of personal service anywhere else in the UK. In fact, the only place that Kinetic Chain Specialists can currently receive training in these skills is within Dax's very own Performance Academy in London where only the cream of the personal training industry are accepted for training. (Find out more here)

A full Kinetic Chain Assessment costs 100 and includes a detailed report and analysis, fully illustrated four week corrective strength and flexibility programme and nutritional advice specific to your own needs.

Can you find cheaper than this? Definitely!
Will you find better? We challenge you to try!

Don't just take our word for it. Call around our competitors and see what 'personal' training means to them. How do they assess? How do they decide what's the best way to proceed with your programme?

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