The Only Guaranteed Results Company In The WORLD To Offer You A Refund Of DOUBLE Your Money If We Don't Deliver

Personal Trainer in LondonHere at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios we are proud to say that we offer the only double-your-money-back guarantee for personal training services anywhere in The World.

When we say 'guarantee' we mean it!

If you take us up on one of our services ta either our London or Potters Bar personal training studios and, despite following the advice you've been given, you fail to achieve the results you were promised, we will refund 100% of the money you gave us with no hassles, no quibbles and no trying to wheedle our way out of the guarantee on some pretext or another.Nope, if in the unlikely event that your goal is not reached in the time specified then you'll be handed back every single penny that you paid us.

Not only that!

As part of our commitment to you and your goals we'll refund you DOUBLE what you paid us by way of apology for time wasted.

You see, we believe that a deal is a deal.

We believe that if we say that we'll help you drop a clothing size or get fit for a marathon or, well, whatever your goal is, that we should actually deliver the goods.

After all, you're paying for that result aren't you?

Yet within this industry there area personal trainers, gyms and health clubs who're happy to take your hard earned cash week after week, month after month, year after year without ever taking responsibility for making sure that you actually get what you were paying for.

We think that's just wrong!

That's why we're proud to be able to hold our hand out and 'shake' on the following deal:

If you commit to one of our programmes and agree to follow our guidance 100%, not 'some' not 'kind of', not 'almost' but every single thing and yet you still fail to reach your goal within the time agreed then we'll happily give you back your investment with us AND continue to train you for free until the goal is reached

Sound fair?

We think so too!

But the rest of our industry hates the idea. They're worried that if the idea catches on that they actually have to start delivering a great results-based service to their clients.and they know they can't!

Why not call around for yourself?

Call EVERY personal trainer, gym and health club in your area and see if you can find a single one who will even entertain the idea. We bet you can't!

So what are you waiting for?

Look, this isn't just low-risk, this isn't even No-Risk.It's BETTER than No-risk!
Not only will you get your money back if you don't achieve your goal but we'll pay you if you don't.

There really isn't a reason not to give us a call.YOU CAN'T LOSE!

Give us a call right now at our Central London personal training studio on 0207 354 3550 or our Potters Bar personal training studio on 0170 766 1888

You'll be glad you did!

(You might be thinking 'where's the catch?' but there isn't one. We don't intend to ever give back a single penny to any of our clients..because we won't have to. As long as you follow our advice you'll be a winner and won't even need to think of asking for your money back!)

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