Healing Hands: Dax Moy's 'Gentle Touch' Centre

Personal Trainer in LondonsImagine finishing a hard day's work then having your very own personal therapist to ease away the stresses and strains of the day through the gentle power of touch.

Imagine having every single knot, bump and bead of tension slowly worked out of your tense tired muscles by professional therapists in comfortable, relaxed and tranquil surroundings.

Imagine that by the time you left, your body was feeling loose, relaxed, supple and stress-free.

It'd be great wouldn't it?

Most people would love to treat themselves in this way once in a while but don't because they fear that they'll have to attend some flashy spa and break the bank to do so.

But That Doesn't Have To Be The Case!

Right in the heart of Islington, Dax has created his Gentle Touch Centre with it's simple yet elegant therapy rooms based on the Chinese Five Elements, where you can experience Top-notch massage (including Swedish, Aromatherapy, Tai Yoga or Shiatsu) at a fraction of the price demanded of you by modern gyms and spas.

What's more, there's no membership, no joining fees and none of those 'hidden costs' that always seem to pile onto the bill, so you really can afford to treat yourself without hurting the bank balance.

Therapies & Prices

Personal Trainer in London

Swedish/ Body Massage - Relaxing, gentle, whole body massage with oils to soothe away your tension and leave you feeling refresshed and invigorated....

30 off peak (between 11am and 4pm)
and 40 at all other times

Sports Massage - For if you're suffering from niggling injuries or simply want to heal faster between workouts....

35 off peak (between 11am and 4pm)
and 45 at all other times

Tai Yoga Massage - Known as 'the lazy persons yoga', relax and let our amazing practitioner do her stuff. It's fantastic!

70 for 90 mins

Integrated Manual Therapy - The Rolls Royce of Massage. Imagine a blend of body massage, sports massage, stretching, osteopathic correction and Neuromuscular Therapy...It's the business!

85 or 110 with Dax himself. Our-Therapies

Acupuncture - Acupuncture and acupressure dates back over thousands of years and has stood the test of time as an amazingly powerful healing system. Totally painless and very relaxing, there's almost nothing that acupuncture can't help heal. Our patients vary from those suffering lifelong back pain to those who're stressed, fatigued or wishing to quit smoking. It helps all of these things and more.

A fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and published author, our in-house acupuncturist Tim Colman will make your treatment a gentle yet powerful one....
45 for 60 mins

Our-TherapiesReiki - Reiki is an ancient system of healing that has been practiced for millenia. The system is difficult to describe in words, but ultimately is a form of energy 'sharing' between practitioner and patient that is normally characterised by the sensation of heat (sometimes intense!) at the sites where the technique is being applied.

Benefits of this transfer include reduced depression and anxiety,lessening of period pains and PMT, reduction of headaches, stress and tension and accelerated post-operative recovery amongst many other benefits.

Let Caroline Rodgers, our resident Reiki Practitioner, guide you through this amazingly gentle, yet very powerful technique during a very special 1 hour treatment.....

40 for 60 mins

Our-TherapiesReflexology - Reflexology is another amazingly powerful system of healing that is applied through the feet. Patients with back, neck and shoulder pain, stress and anxiety and poor sleep habits (among many others) report fantastic results from this gently effective treatment. Our in-house reflexologist, Faith Chadwick runs several clinics a week from our Gentle Touch Studio...

45 for 1 hour

We also offer many other types of massage including ante/post natal. If you are looking for a therapy not listed then just give us a call on 0207 354 3550 and we'll have it arranged for you

So there you go! Whether you're looking for an 'Aaaahh' through one of our relaxing therapies or an 'AAAARRRGGGHH' through one of our sports on performance massages or anything in between, then we'd love to oblige!

Let us get our healing hands on you...Today!

DaxMoy : Personal Trainer in London