Train with Dax and His Team WHEREVER You Are!

London Personal TrainingOver the last few years, Dax has had literally thousands of requests from people from all over the globe to help them to achieve the kind of health, fitness and physical appearance that he has become famous for providing.

In answer to this ever-growing demand, Dax has created a series of special programmes that make it easier than ever to achieve fantastic results, yet at a fraction of the cost of training at his Central London Studios.

As long as you have a computer, internet connection and access to a telephone, you can take advantage of Dax's award-winning expertise from the privacy of your own home. With minimal financial outlay you can change the way your body looks and feels and achieve fantastic results in ways you'd never believe possible!

Dax's POWER Principles TM and F.I.T System TM can now be brought directly into your home!

We use a simple yet highly effective 4-step process to guarantee your success:

1. Assessment: Dax believes that 'if you're not assessing, you're guessing and goes to great lengths to ram this point home to his whole team (all 16 of them). For this reason, before we even begin to thing about prescribing ANY exercise or dietary programmes, you will undergo an extensive assessment process based upon the POWER Principles TM that underpin our company

a)Thorough assessment of your goals through our interactive QUEST TM life-coaching process.

b)Kinetic chain assessments that tell us about your posture, your balance, your flexibility and control.

c)Assessments of fluid intake, nutritional status, biochemical individuality and even toilet habits to tell us about how your 'internal environment' is functioning.

d)Your current sleep habits, stress patterns, hormonal variations etc to tell us how your body is coping with its current load. After all, exercise is stress too, we don't want to make things worse for you!

2. Programme Design: Using Dax's unique 7-stage F.I.T SYSTEM, our trainers will create your unique exercise and activity programme that caters for your unique body type and health and fitnes goals.

You will be provided with a complete step-by-step programme that tells you exactly WHAT to do, exactly HOW to do it and exactly HOW MUCH you should do. In addition, you'll recieve guidance notes on each exercise with a full photographic or illustrative demonstration to make the exercises and stretches easy to understand.

You will also be provided with online video clips and CD ROMS as we progress through some of the more dynamic stages.

3.Your Individual Nutrition Plan: We'll take the guesswork out of nutrition by feed in data about your unique biochemistry into our biochemical individuality assessment and create clear, easy to understand nutritional plans that will tell you what to eat, when to eat it and what you should definitely be avoiding. We'll tell you the eact ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your metabolism and ensure that you have plenty of options to choose from by sending you menus and foodlists that'll keep you feeling energised whilst dropping pounds of unsightly stubborn fat from your body.

You won't even have to count calories!

4.Unlimited access to your trainer: Unlike every other programme on the internet at the moment, you will not be restricted in your contact with your trainer, nor will you be charged more if you feel in need of a little more attention from time to time.

Dax has always believed that personal training should be just that, PERSONAL and he goes to great lengths to ensure that his clients never have to go without the support that many of them so badly need.

Once you enrol upon our programme you will have unlimited access to your trainer via email and even their mobile phone if there's something you just have to have an answer for right now!

We also guarantee that you'll never have to wait longer than 24 hours for an answer to your email question and that even when your trainer is on vacation, you'll have a dedicated 'stand in' trainer of equal experience to look after your needs.

So, How Much Does This All Cost?

Good question!

Well, if I were to tell you that Dax Himself is currently charging 110 and hour (That's over $200!) and that his trainers charge anything from 45 to 70 depending on their experience, you'd probably get the feeling that our distance support programme would be a little out of your budget wouldn't you?

Yet, because there is little overhead on our part, no equipment to buy and no extra space to hire, we can afford to be VERY generous with our fee structuring on this service.

The current fee for our full support package is just 2.50 a day, that's less than the price of a Latte at STARBUCKS!

That's right, for 75 a month you can gain unlimited access to what is undoubtedly the UK's top Personal Training team and get all of the support that you need to finally succeed in creating the body you've always wanted!

What's more, you're fully covered by Dax's Bullet-Proof, No hassle, money back guarantee

If FOR ANY REASON you're not happy with the service you're receiving from us, you can stop your coaching at any time and even ask for a full refund of every penny you've spent with us. How's that for no-nonsense?

Now, we don't take that guarantee lightly. If we did, we could stand to lose a fortune, so you can be sure that what we're promising you is the 'real deal'

Unfortunately, most people will never call or email to find out more. They'll never even START the process of achieving their goals and they'll soon forget that it's even a possibility for them.


Or is today the day you finally take some action and put your money where your mouth is? (In fact, not even money at this stage - all it takes is a call or an email!)

If you're finally ready to achieve great things then call us at our London Studios on 0044(0) 207 354 3550 or email us at and we'll start the ball rolling with a FREE consultation to help you get more information.

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