The Ultimate Life Makeover
Dax Moy's Re-Creation Programme

How long have you been trying to get your body into the shape you dream of?




The truth is, most people spend their ENTIRE LIVES living within a body that, well, let's be honest, they simply don't like or feel at all comfortable with. They simply go through life with an attitude of 'well, that's as good as it gets' and tolerate bodies that look, feel and perform far below their desired state.

Are you one of those people?

Do you feel trapped in a body that lets you down and simply won't do as it's told?

If you do, you're far from unusual, in fact, sadly, this is the condition experienced by most people, most of the time.

It's Really Quite Sad Isn't It?

Yet, it really doesn't have to be this way.

You don't HAVE TO put up with being something you don't want to be.

You don't HAVE TO put up with feeling less than perfect on a day to day basis.

You don't HAVE TO live, as someone once said, "a life of quiet desperation" because of how your body looks, feels or performs.

You simply don't HAVE TO!

You COULD choose something very different.. IF you really wanted to!

You COULD choose to follow a diet that supports rather than harms your body.

You COULD choose to exercise daily and build firm, lean and supple muscles that look beautiful both in clothes and out of them.

You COULD choose to magnetise powerful, positive influences into your life whilst at the same time repelling those things that are negative and soul destroying.

You COULD...

And what's more, you could do all this and more without having to spend a fortune on health clubs, personal trainers and life-coaches to get you there.

You COULD do that.

Many, many thousands of people have successfully achieved all of those things without putting a single penny in the pockets of any of these groups of people.


On the flip-side of that, many, many MILLIONS of people simply don't (or won't) take the action required to move them from the bottomless pit that their lives have fallen into.

That's why Dax has decided to take the unprecedented step of becoming the first personal trainer IN THE WORLD to offer a programme so intense, so complete, so inspiring and so very results driven that those who complete it SIMPLY CANNOT FAIL to reach their goals.

It's called the "Re-Creation Programme TM" and that's just what it is.a chance to re-create yourself in every aspect of your life.

Here's How It Works...

This programme is VERY different to what most people call 'personal training'.

For a start, it happens away from your home, away from your family, away from your LIFE, in fact!

This is a vitally important ingredient of the success formula that Dax has devised in order to guarantee your success. After all, if you're distracted by the events of your daily life, the very same events that got you into the condition you're so unhappy with, then you won't be able to put all of your energy into your personal re-creation.

But we're not just talking about a week or two away from home in some hotel or spa with a gym, that's not the idea at all!

You could simply take a vacation for that! (it'd be far less expensive and far less life-changing than what Dax will put you through)

No, when we say 'away from home' we mean so far away from your usual life that you wouldn't believe it!

Like Mount Kilimanjaro

Like the Australian Outback

Like The Sahara Desert

Like The Amazon

Like Your Own Private Island in Thailand

Like .Anywhere on the planet!

THAT kind of 'Away From Home'!

But, What Would You Do There?

Well, picture this:

You awaken shortly before sunrise to an de-stressing and revitalising stretch session performed by Dax as you watch the sun come up over the sea on your own, isolated stretch of Jungle fringed coast.

After stretching, you return to your private villa where you're fed the perfect breakfast for your biochemical type (which Dax will have worked out for you) prepared for you by an expert chef who has been briefed on every aspect of your nutritional requirements for every single meal and snack that you eat throughout the day.

Breakfast over, you go one-to-one with Dax while he totally immerses you in his Integrated Performance Coaching bringing out every single dream, goal and desire for every aspect of your life, enabling you (maybe for the first time ever) to truly get to grips with 'the real you' in order awaken the fire, the passion and the driving force required to make you achieve not just your fitness goals, but many of the goals that have eluded you your whole life.

Head-work over (for now), it's time to get your body moving!

Maybe a one to one session on the beach, a kayak paddle or a trek into the jungle interior to get you burning fat, building lean-firm muscles and challenging your pre-conceived boundaries about what's possible and what's not

Or maybe you'll climb a rock face, learn to kick-box or take a yoga session on top of a mountain. Maybe even all three!

One thing's for'll certainly be stretched to your limits, but you'll also have the most fun and the most life-enhancing experiences of your life.

And All This Before Lunch!

After lunch, more coaching, more exercise and even some massage from Dax's healing hands to soothe away any tension, aches or knots you may have developed from finally using your body in the right way, another beautifully prepared meal and then the rest of the evening's your own to contemplate and reflect on all of your amazing achievements (Or just sleep!).

That's Just One Day! (and just one of Infinite different types of experience)

Now imagine a full week of that.

Imagine Two

Imagine Longer

Don't you think that with that kind of experience that you'd be able to re-awaken that sleeping giant within you, to finally take the steps to regain control of your body and your life, to succeed?

Trust me, you cannot fail to make a difference!

But You Have To Be Ready

The Re-Creation Programme is not for everyone.

It's not a holiday in any way, shape or form. It's serious business. In fact, it's your life's work.literally!

You MUST be prepared to put in some serious 'Head Work' with Dax in your coaching sessions. If you think coaching and goals are a waste of time, then this programme is not for you.

You MUST be prepared to challenge EVERY physical task that Dax puts in front of you. If you come at this with a 'I don't like this or that' attitude, then this programme is not for you.

You MUST be prepared to follow Dax's nutritional plan TO THE LETTER. If you are not willing to change the habits that are holding you back from the body you deserve then this programme is not for you.

You MUST really want this! If you're not at 'must', if this is still a 'kinda, sorta, maybe' kind of deal for you then this programme is not for you.

In short, you're going to have to work HARD to do this (hey, we never said it would be easy!), but the flip-side of that is that the results you're going to get will blow your mind!

If you're ready for this type of a life change, a Re-Creation of your life from the ground up then all you have to do is contact Dax and he'll talk you through the steps necessary to get started

Oh Yes...The Price!

I'm sure that by now you've probably realised that this kind of service is not going to come cheap. After all, we're talking about personal coaching, exercise instruction, massage therapy, private chefs, private villas and 'all the trimmings' to ensure your success.

This cannot be done on a budget!

As a ballpark figure, you should expect to pay around 12,000 a week for Dax's personal attention plus travel and accommodation plus the cost of your own flights, chef, vehicle hire and anything specific to the type of Re-Creation Programme you want to engage in (obviously, trekking through the Amazon will incur different costs to living in a villa in Thailand as will helicopter support, yacht hire etc).

So, if you're ready to Re-Create yourself or someone you love, just call Dax at his Central London Studios on 0207 354 3550 and you can start building your own fantasy package right away.

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