Are You Ready For Meltdown??

Looking for a jump start that'll take you from fat and flabby to fit and fabby this year?

Want a programme that'll blowtorch pound after wobbly pound of stubborn fat from your body?

Want a program that'll let you getin, get out and get on with your life without having to spend hour after pointless hour pounding the treadmills and steppers?

If you are, then our MELTDOWN Program is just the thing for you!

You see, our MELTDOWN classes are fast, furious, fun and fantastic at buring bodyfat, strengthening soft and saggy muscles and making you firmer and fitter.... and FAST!

You see, unlike other exercises classes that focus on isolating individual muscles and dragging classes out into epic endurance workouts, Dax has designed our MELTDOWN program to do just the opposite by using...

The '600' Rule

Never heard of it before? Don't worry, neither have most fitness instructors either which is a shame because, if they did, they'd be helping you to get your results much faster than you've been getting them!

The 600 rule is simple to understand:

There are 600 muscles in the human body...

Muscles burn calories in order to work...

If you work all six hundred muscles in every workout and even in every exercise, you'll burn far more calories and lose far more fat...

That's Not Hard To Understand Is It?

But The 600 rule is not the only thing that makes MELTDOWN Training so effective.

We use a system of intense, short-bursts of activity and 'bundle' them together into mini-workouts of no more than 4 minutes at a time to bring about fast, REALLY FAST Fat loss in our clients.

"How Can You Lose Tons Of Fat In Only Four Minutes?!"

We manipulate the body to create maximum fat loss by using what top coaches call 'The Afterburn Effect' meaning that the body goes on to burn more calories than normal for a long, long time after the workout even finishes!

And by turning our classes into several 'mini-workouts' we compound the effect even further, making this THE most powerful fat burning program we've ever used. But A WOrd Of Warning...

These aren't for everyone.

If the thought of buying a new wardrobe of clothes or paying for them to be altered in 4 weeks is not for you then you'd best give them a miss because without a doubt, your body WILL change!.

Courses Start From Mon 15th Jan

Course ONE: Three Days a Week

Monday - Wednesday - Friday....7 - 7:40am

Monday - Wednesday - Friday ...7 - 7:40pm

Course TWO: Two Days A Week

Tuesday & Thursday ...7 - 7:40am

Tuesday & Thursday ...8 - 8:40pm


Meltdown Training is sold as a course of 4 weeks and priced depending on whether you wish to train on the 2-day a week program or 3-day a week program.

3-Day: 120 for a four week course (10 a class)

2-Day: 90 for a four week course (11.25 a class)

'Booster' classes or 'pay-as-you-go' is by appointment only and dependent upon space availability and is charged at 15 per class.

What To Wear

MELTDOWN Training is a powerful and dynamic system that requires freedom of movement in all possible directions. Therefore, it's best to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move in an unrestricted way...and bear in mind, you will work up a sweat!

It's better not to eat before class and allow 1-2 hours for light meals to digest or up to 3 hours for heavier foods.

You do not need to drink gallons of water beforehand but do bring a water bottle that you can sip from... you'll need it!

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