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Gyms can be very daunting places, and I should know as I was a member of three of them, and only ever visited them once or twice. After the initial consultations I always had a sudden surge of energy to try and get fit. As with most things in life this fell by the whey side, as I had a huge self confidence issue being unfit and surrounded by bodies that seem in far better shape. I remember feeling as though all eyes in the gym were staring at me - in my slightly flabby state!

When I turned 28 last year I vowed that I would not let myself get to 29 without having done something with my body as I knew in my heart that I was not the shape I wanted to be, and I never had been at any point in my life.

Purely by chance I was told about Dax Moy Personal Training studios in Islington, London, which is actually across the road from my office, although I never knew about it. I decided to call and at least go for a consultation - this was probably the exercise I knew best! Although it sound very naff to write but as soon as I walked though the door I did not feel as though I should not be there. I met with a trainer called Laurie, who turned out to be my trainer for a couple of months before he was sent away with the Army. In his absence I was very fortunate to have Dax Moy himself as my trainer, and he continues to be today.

I started off having one personal training session a week, and gradually increased this to three sessions per week within a couple of months of being there. I have gone from 12 stone 11 pounds last April 2003 to 10 stone 13 pounds (approximately!) today. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life, I feel more alert, vibrant, (dare I say sexy), and my work ethic has improved as a result (which is always a bonus!).

Over the year I have had the privilege and advantage of getting to know most of the personal trainers in the Islington Personal Training studio, and as testimonials are meant to give a true reflection and emphasis on the positives and negatives, I really could only ever state the positives as they seem to be a fantastic group of professionals within the studio. There really are no disadvantages to employing a personal trainer - It is always easier to have someone there to push you and encourage you, and to guide you both with the particular exercise you are doing and also on nutrition (which I have learnt to be a major impetus in my energy levels and weight loss).

I guess the one of the best part of having worked with a personal trainer is the comments I receive from friends and family. I don't think anyone expected me to keep this up, not just the personal training but the exercise and nutrition.

To sum up I could only coin the phrase that they do exactly what they say on the tin!

Best wishes to all at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios, Islington, and with greatest respect and thanks to Dax for effectively helping me to make me change my life.

Michelle Dax Moy is a God when it comes to fitness!

When filming for Ch4'sYou Are What You Eat, I worked exclusively with Dax Moy at his London Personal Training Studio to regain my general fitness, tone up and, of course, lose weight. Now, 9 months later I weigh nearly 10 stones less, and more importantly, my fitness is better than it's ever been in my life!

Michelle McManus - Pop Idol Winner and Recording Artist


When I was first cast for my role as super-hero John Tracy in Thunderbirds The Movie, director Jonathan Frakes told me I needed to put on some serious muscle in order to fill my costume.

The trouble was, that was only six weeks out from the first day of filming!

On the recommendation of my father, actor John Shrapnel, I sought out Dax Moy at his Islington Personal Training Studios in London to see if he could help.

After a very thorough assessment of my goals, my physique and my diet, Dax set about creating a tailor made diet and exercise plan to help me out.

Six weeks later and more than a stone heavier (in muscle) I walked onto the set feeling every bit like the character I was playing. Thanks Dax!

Lex Shrapnel - Actor


Dax Moy is without doubt the leading personal fitness trainer in London and helps train me up for my expeditions.

Using his innate understanding of how the human body works, Dax has tailor-made a fitness and nutritional programme specifically for me, with a strong emphasis on core conditioning and stability.

Before I met Dax, I was never the greatest fan of gyms, but his training sessions, whilst being tough work, are always fun.

Tom Avery - Polar explorer and record holder

Anyone can go to a gym, but working with a personal trainer is a serious investment in your life.

You invest your time, effort and money - and you expect to get a certain reward in return.

I have been working with Dax Moy for over 6 years now and it has been an excellent investment.

I know that I can come to my sessions with a specific need - be it a flatter stomach, faster reflexes, I may even be suffering from a sports injury, and Dax will always devise training programs, often on the spot, to address these needs.

He has earned my trust and I trust him completely. Not just his knowledge and his abilities but more importantly in his knowledge in MY abilities.

If HE believes I can achieve a certain goal then I KNOW that I can, and he will provide the technique and motivation that I need to get there.

Adam Cooper

.........and so I contacted Dax Moy at his London Personal Training Studio in Islington. From the very first consultation I knew that not only had I found a consummate professional in his field, but also someone who was genuinely inspiring. He was interested in everything I had tried in the past to get fit, my medical history, my aims and dreams and designed a programme just for me - not one that was off the shelf, but one that was tailor made.

Suddenly I began to look forward to going to the gym again, and after only a few weeks I saw benefits that I had not seen in years of training. Dax was constantly monitoring my progress, seeing what worked for me and what didn't, and adapting things accordingly.

A year and a half down the line I am in a position physically that I never believed was possible. It has certainly been hard work, but I know that without Dax guiding me that I would have given up long ago. As it is, I am looking forward to the future and am so excited about what I can achieve with Dax.

From a medical point of view I have been amazed at the breadth of knowledge that Dax has about the treatment and rehabilitation of injury and illness'. He has the kind of knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the impact of illness on the body that would put most medical profesionals to shame.

Dr Mark Edwards BSc MBBS MRCP Doctor of Neurology

Dax Moy has been my personal trainer for nearly three years. In that time he has raised my general fitness to a level which I would never have believed was possible. Having come relatively late to realising the importance of my fitness as I approached 40, I can only say that Dax has encouraged, cajoled (and often bullied me) into believing that I can go into my forties and beyond healthy and in better shape.

It is the breadth of experience he has and an innate understanding of how the body works which makes his approach to exercise so different. The programmes which he has devised for me always encompass a huge variety of different physical challenges, and his emphasis on core conditioning and stability have proved enormously beneficial to me. I have a huge variety of different physical pursuits - from kickboxing to running, hand-ball to basketball and press ups to weight lifting (Anneke can now perform over 50 non-stop pushups - Dax). He is always improving and devising new workouts, so that the body is never confined to just working and re-working the same sets of muscles.


I'd recommend Dax and his London-based team personal trainers to anyone, beginner or not, as I am sure that they would see enormous benefits.

Oh, and by the way, they're quite nice people too.

Anneke Berril

I have been having personal training sessions with Dax Moy for nearly two years.

During that time, I became pregnant, had a baby and resumed exercising again. Dax has adapted my programme along the way, making sure that I had a fit and healthy pregnancy and exercised safely after the birth. He even holds the baby while I sweat over the weights!

Dax's extensive knowledge of the human body and how it works, together with his comprehensive understanding of the latest exercise techniques make him an exceptional personal trainer. You always know you're in safe hands.

Cheryl Bell

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