Weight Loss Truths

Article by Dax Moy, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Master Personal Trainer and pioneer of Functionally Integrated Training (F.I.T) System

JAN 2002

It's that time again! Christmas is over, New Year is but a memory and already the ads for summer holidays are here. Traditionally this is the time of year when the resolutions of regular exercise, healthy eating and clean living are at their peak and thousands upon thousands of you rush to your local gym in search for the 'magic pill' of weight loss.

As a lecturer to fitness and health professionals and a master personal trainer I am constantly asked, "What are the secrets to weight loss?" and "is diet A better than diet B" and so on.

Let's get this straight, THERE ARE NO SECRETS TO LOSING BODY FAT! But there are TONS of things we can all do to help fat on its way. Lets look at the main areas.

1. Eat less than you burn. Excessive calorie intake is the main and obvious reason for obesity, yet many people still do not understand the correlation between the foods they eat and the calories they burn off day-to-day. If you WANT to eat a lot and you WANT to be thinner then you HAVE TO be more active.

2. Choose a quality over a quantity eating plan. The saying "You are what you eat" is true. If you eat too much of anything then you'll wake up one day and see too much of YOU in the mirror. Try breaking your daily food intake into 5 or 6 portions and eat no sooner than 2 and no later than 3 hour intervals. This ensures a steady flow of nutrients to the working muscles without leaving to much behind for fat storage.

3. Base your meal size on the activities that follow. For example, if between this meal and the next you will be sitting at your desk or watching TV, your calorie intake should be low as there will be little opportunity to burn off what you have eaten. If, on the other hand, you are going to the gym or working strenuously then increase the size of the meal accordingly.

4. Use a 'Zig-Zag' approach to calorie reduction. We all know that traditional diets don't work because of their effect on metabolism, but cyclic dieting or 'zig zagging' can be extremely successful at maintaining muscle and losing body fat. Simply reduce your calorie intake over 2-3 days then have one day where you eat a little bit more. The results can be quite dramatic!

5. Reduce your aerobic work. That's right I said REDUCE! Aerobic training increases production of the hormone cortisol . This has the effect of breaking down muscle, the very thing we need more of in order to maintain a high metabolism. Place your priority on strengthening exercises that build muscle and you'll be leaner in no time, and NO, you won't get big!

If you're reading this and thinking " I know all of this already" then maybe it's time for you to stop knowing and start doing. Fat loss isn't easy; it takes hard work, determination and sacrifice, but if you really want to then you'll be willing to do what it takes.

So the question is "Do you really want to?"

Dax Moy

DoxMoy : Personal Trainer in London