Why Should I Hire A Dax Moy Personal Trainer?

Good Question!

Many people asks us 'what are the benefits of personal training at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios? Why should I spend the time and money with you instead of joining a gym?'

It's a fair enough question really, after all, it's certainly not the cheapest method of getting into shape and, despite what you may have heard, having a personal trainer doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll get the results you were hoping for (which is why we make our guarantee an integral part of our programs). So why should you even consider taking one on?

Well, we could tell you all kinds of reasons why we think that you should hire us but, well, you'd only think that we were biased and were feeding you a line so instead, let us demonstrate the value by explaining in simple terms what you get when you work with us...


In your working life it is highly likely that you set specific goals or targets for yourself. For most people this is the best way to guarantee results. But do you apply this to your overall lifestyle?

Working with your personal trainer, you will learn to structure your activity programme, nutritional needs or other lifestyle changes so that they will fit into the kind of life you're trying to build for yourself, rather than becoming some kind of 'quick-fix' that you apply temporarily and then forget about when the program is over.

So, before you even commence any form of exercise, your will discuss with you the options available for achieving your goals and will explain up front the commitment that will be required to achieve them. Once a mutual agreement has been made and the programme begun, your coach will then ensure that each session keeps you on track and moving toward the goal that you've agreed upon. If you're the type of person who needs a swift kick in the butt when you slacken off then you'll get it or if you need a gentle reminder that you're letting yourself down then you'll get that too. Ultimately though, it's you who we take our lead from and it's you who'll tell US if the goal is the wrong one for you.

(Be aware though, our coaches are very committed and once you set them to helping you achieve your goals they won't easily accept your excuses!)

2. Individual Attention!

A coach's range of skills enables them to customise your exercise programme, making it specific to your individual needs andgoals. One size does not fit all! (In fact this is why so many people fail)

Your coach will teach you the correct exercises with the right techniques for your individual body type, which will maximise efficiency and effectiveness, and minimise the chance of injury as well as speeding up the time taken to get results.

As your fitness improves, your coach will fine-tune your program to meet your changing needs and make sure you continue to get results rather than slowing down and plateauing off. This, we feel, is a major reason why having your very own trainer/coach is so beneficial. Most of us can get short term results without help, but it's the long-term that normally confounds and despirits us.


Depending on a coaches areas of expertise, he or she can be a great source of information on nutrition, stress management, injury or exercising during and after pregnancy or following illness or just about anything you can imagine that could serve as a barrier to your success.

This specific advice is what makes all the difference and enables you to continually gain results. In fact, it would be fair to say thatevery single tailor-made piece of advice creates your own personal success formula, meaning that the danger of failure never rears its ugly head.


It takes more than state-of-the-art equipment to reach your health and fitness goals. You have to be committed to an active lifestyle. Your coach will help you develop the incentive to stick to your programme.

This becomes even more important when your own motivation begins to drop and especially when things seem hard (no, getting into shape is not easy!). The professional friendship that you create with your coach will keep you going long after you are ready to quit because they will become accustomed to your moods, your ups, your downs and yes, your excuses! They won't easily be fooled and they won't take no for an answer if you're slacking off either.

That doesn't mean that they'll bully you or be nasty in any way, simply that they understand that you sought them out for one reason and one reason only... RESULTS!

That's all we care about. Making sure that you get what you asked for.

We look at it this way; you didn't type into google 'Wanted: someone to chat to a few times a week nd hopefully to get a little fitter' did you? You only sought us out and you only considered putting money into our hands for one reason and one reason only.... RESULTS!

So, Why Should You Consider Hiring A Dax Moy Coach?

Quite simply, because if you're serious, and we mean REALLY serious about getting results, then we'll take every possible step to make the process as simple as possible for you so that you can finally get the results you want. No if's, no but's. However, just because we say we'll make it simple, that doesn't mean it'll be easy. In fact, simple is rarely, if ever, easy. It'll be tough at times and you'll want to go easy on yourself and make excuses. Well,tough, we won't let you! You WILL succeed. That's our mission and we take it seriously.

Now, if after reading all of that you're even slightly interested then pop on over to the FREE Consultation page and we'll get you in for a chat to see if you're really serious.

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