Sun Power Yoga Energy Through Tranquility

London Personal TrainingLooking for an exercise system that's a little different?

Want a programme that'll strengthen, stretch, tone and sculpt your body whilst at the same time increase your mental alertness, reduce sluggishness and detoxify your body?

If you are, then our Sun Power Yoga may be just the thing for you!

Sun Power Yoga is a dynamic and highly transformative style of yoga that uses a unique system of movements and breathing exercises to link together powerfully stimulating, yet paradoxically gentle postures that will benefit practically every aspect of your health and fitness.

The system enables participants to develop tremendous core strength and upper body alignment (so much so that Julie - Our Sun Power Teacher - has grown 1 inch in height as a result of using the system!).

About Yoga

The Term 'Yoga' is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language and means 'to join'.

This refers to the belief that when mind, body and spirit are joined and working in synergy, that our energies can become focused to a greater degree and not be dissipated in other directions.

It is the breath that causes the mind,body and spirit to connect yet, due to the effects of stress, illness and disease this connection, this very lifeline, becomes weaker, shallower and more rapid.

Conversely, practices that strengthen this connection also serve to strengthen the lifeline leading to reduced stress, greater resilience to illness and disease and more balance in our lives.

In short, our Sun Power yoga can help you to re-integrate aspects of your life that have fallen out of phase with each other. By working with the body, utilising correct breathing and calming your mind you will re-create the synergy that has been lost and the transformation, both internally and externally can begin.

One To One Private Tuition

Julie's method of teaching this style of yoga is based on providing a highly personal experience to each individual that she works with. Rather than making the person fit the postures, Julie will guide you through each individual movement and breathing pattern based upon your own level of fitness, flexibility and strength with your comfort and safety uppermost in her mind at all times.

By avoiding the traditional 'one size fits all' prescriptive approach often employed in yoga classes, Julie uses a very communicative and fun approach to get the most from all of her clients regardless of sex, age, flexibility or prior experience.

Private lessons with Julie start from 40 an hour...for more information call the studio on 020 7354 3550


Our group classes are held in small groups of no more than 10 people ensuring that everyone gets maximum attention during the class.

Classes currently available are:

Mondays - 10:30 - 11:30 (All Levels) 1.15pm - 2.15pm (all levels)
Tuesdays - 6.30 - 8pm (intermediate level)
Wednesdays - 9:30 - 10:30am (all levels) 6 - 7pm (beginners)
Fridays - 12 - 1pm (all levels)
Saturday - 10 - 11am (Beginners) 11.30 - 13.00 (Intermediate)
Beginners: New To Yoga
Intermediate: Familiar With Sun Salutation

What To Wear

Yoga is a dynamic system that requires freedom of movement in all possible directions. Therefore, it's best to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move in an unrestricted way...and bear in mind, you will work up a sweat!

It's better not to eat before class and allow 1-2 hours for light meals to digest or up to 3 hours for heavier foods.

You do not need to drink gallons of water beforehand but do bring a water bottle that you can sip from if the need arises.

Also, it may be advisable to bring a light jumper or blanket for the final relaxation if you're prone to getting cold.

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