Thinking Of Personal Training With Dax Moy ...See If You Qualify!

Many people contact our Islington personal training studios to find out how to go about working one-to-one with Dax as their personal coach so we thought it best to make you aware of the prerequisites that Dax has in place to ensure both the best use of his time AND the best value for money whilst you're working with him.

As you're no doubt aware, Dax has a reputation for personal training excellence unsurpassed in this country and throughout Europe.

This reputation is based upon delivering results far and above those normally expected of most personal trainers and health and is one of the reasons that he is continually sought out as an expert on TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines and international conventions.

Naturally then, Dax is very concerned about protecting that reputation and does so by ensuring that only those who are 100% committed to achieving their goals have access to his expertise on a regular basis.

This is not conceit or self-aggrandisement in any way. It's just that, with all of his commitments he has only so much time to give to working on one-to-one projects with individual personal training clients who're seeking dramatic changes in their lives.

In effect, he 'guards the gateway' to himself by ensuring that 100% of his time is spent productively with those who're ready, willing and able to make the changes necessary to achieve great things during their time with him.

To get past the 'gate' prospective clients must be willing to:

Engage in a training programme with Dax personally at least twice a week for a MINIMUM of 8 weeks.

Engage in a home training programme of Dax's design AT LEAST 4 days a week.

Give up caffeine, alcohol, wheat and processed foods for AT LEAST the first 30 days of their programme.

Follow Dax's personal training advice and guidance WITHOUT DEVIATION for the first 30 days of their programme.

Put forth 100% effort and commitment and maintain a 'can do' attitude toward attaining their goals.

These prerequisites are all or nothing.Dax will not entertain negotiations of any kind around these terms. They're all or nothing.

Please understand, this is not done to deliberately preclude people, rather to prevent them wasting their money or feeling disappointed by not achieving their goals.

At 150 an hour Dax is easily the most expensive personal trainer in the country and would not have anyone waste that money due to lack of commitment on their part from the outset of their time with him.

If after reading this you're still interested in working with Dax to achieve great results in your health, fitness or other performance related areas of your life then by all means contact him directly at

If not, then why not consider working with one of our other excellent personal training coaches instead?

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