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Sadly, for most people the above description is far removed from the reality of their true physical condition with increasing numbers of us battling obesity, chronic fatigue, chronic joint and muscle pain, stress, depression, disease, allergies and all manner of health disorders.

As a result, most people lead their lives in a constant state of ill-health believing that 'that's all there is' and putting up with failing bodies that refuse to comply with their dreams and desires.

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You are meant to be fit, healthy and well, yet poor information, poor choices and poor habits have created internal environments that make lifelong health and fitness impossible.

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Hailed as the top personal training team in the UK, our London and Rainham based studios boast some of the best qualified, most experienced and most knowledgeable health and fitness experts in the country who hold some of the most prestigious personal trainer certifications in the world.

Headed by Dax Moy, voted one of the top fitness experts in the UK, our team are much more than just another bunch of personal trainers.

Utilising what represents the cutting edge in psychology, nutrition, exercise and holistic therapy, our coaches have delivered outstanding results to hundreds of men and women who had previously been unable to achieve their goals via traditional personal training or gym-based methods.

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